Mango Cheese Cake
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Mango Cheese Cake

Mango Cheese Cake

Mango cheesecake is an organic product with a rich, velvety, and creamy texture. It is served cold and tastes fantastic.

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It is the best and quickest dessert to make in the mango season.

Making a decent cheesecake at home is a cakewalk. 

But you need to remember a few essential points.

First, make sure that all your ingredients are at normal temperature. Cold ingredients add air bubbles to the batter.

These air bubbles then lead to the breaking of the cake.

Your dish requires a significant time to cool as the mango contains water.

Alphonso mangoes are more preferred for this recipe.

Do not chill your dish in the fridge. It should be cooled at room temperature.

Ingredients and recipe

  • 180 g biscuits( for biscuit base)
  • Two teaspoons castor sugar 
  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger and cinnamon powder 
  • 50 g melted butter
  • 3 Medium Alphonso mangoes; pureed
  • 600 g cream cheese or whipped cream.
  • Two eggs
  • 1/3 cups of sugar or as needed
  • Two tablespoon vanilla extract

In a mixer, transform the biscuits into fine, sandy powder.

Include sugar, ginger, and cinnamon until it turns into a cracker crumb.

Blend again until the combination moves smoothly. The biscuit base is ready.

In the mixer, start including the mash of the three mangoes. Mix until they are delicate.

Now mix cream cheese and add sugar and beat till smooth.

But make sure that you don't blend the mixture too much.

Include the vanilla extract and eggs and mix well. You can use a food processor.

Pour the mix over a lightly greased pan and bake the mango cheesecake for 40 minutes.

The edges should be soft, and the middle should be fleecy.

On the off chance that you discover edges or top have browned, spread it evenly over a foil. 

Permit to chill in the stove. Let the cheesecake cool totally.

Once the middle is firm, refrigerate for around 6 hours.

Slow cooling is ideal.

Put the dish in water for easy removal.

Present with cream and mangoes!

Try this mango cheesecake recipe!


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