Mongra Saffron

Mongra Saffron

Mongra Saffron

Saffron kesar comes from the dried stigmas of the Crocus Sativus flower.

Also called the saffron plant, it grows in areas with cold winters and long, hot summers.

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The flower has beautiful purple petals that grow two inches above the ground. This beautiful flower grows once a year for just a week.

Also, the process of extracting stigmas, drying them, and packing them is 100% natural. The stigmas are hand-plucked. Thus, it is a labor-intensive process.

Due to these reasons, this spice costs a big buck in the market. Its cost must cover the time and manual labor put in the production process.

Kashmir Saffron

Most of the Indian variant of this spice comes from saffron fields of the Pampore area of Kashmir, India. Pampore is also called the " Saffron town."

In India, this spice is grown in Kashmir exclusively. It has earned a GI tag, which indicates the region produces the best quality saffron.

It is believed to be the best in the world because of its delicate and subtle textures that give your dishes a smell, taste, and a deep red hue.

The quality of this spice is different for each grade. These grades are determined by the amount of 3 essential elements: Picrocrocin, Safranal, and Crocin.

These elements bestow the flavor, aroma, and color to the spice. Its levels are tested in a laboratory, and the higher the amount of these elements, the better is the quality.

The Kashmiri variant of this spice is of three types: Mongra, Laccha, and Zarda. Mongra saffron is the best quality of this variant.

It is the 100% pure variant that contains only the dark red-coloured stigmas of the saffron flower. Kashmiri mongra saffron has a robust flavor, aroma, and colour.

It comprises broken red blossom stalks that known for their top-notch flavour, aroma, and colour.

It holds a special spot in Indian kitchens in two forms: powder and oil. It is often used to prepare feasts for worshipping God ("bhog" or "prasad").

The Mogra saffron is, without a doubt, the best Indian variant of this spice and one of the most sought after spices on the planet. The reasons for its ascent are: -

  • It is a strong yet natural food dye.
  • It adds a unique aroma to the dish.
  • It contains nothing but the flower stigma.
  • It has full of flavor.

Lacha saffron contains red strands with a yellowish hint like its taunting tail of Mongra. It has blossom waste as well.

It is utilized as a food dye and seasoning element in numerous food dishes and is the most used with dry fruits.

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Health Benefits

This spice is packed with several health benefits. It has an unlimited and vast number of health benefits.

  1. It is not only delicious but also healthy. Some of its merits include:
  2. Its paste and oil give facial cleaning and beauty.
  3. Its oils and pastes can help treat and treat all skin problems, including bite and bite.
  4. It plays an essential role in the preparation of some essential medicines, cosmetics, and beauty creams.
  5. It improves mental activity and learning ability.
  6. It can help lower blood pressure.
  7. It controls blood cholesterol.
  8. It is widely utilised in Indian medicine, like Unani, Siddha, and Ayurveda.
  9. It helps treat toothache.
  10. It is recommended to treat cancer and heart disease as it has some essential anti-oxidant properties.
  11. In the Indian tradition expecting mothers add saffron threads to milk, as it has a good effect on their unborn children and gives them a natural glow.
  12. It improves sexual health by increasing libido and curing infertility.
  13. It improves memory in those with Alzheimer's' disease.
  14. It helps to treat insomnia and sleep problems.
  15. It is often used to treat symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


A shopping guide

A few indicators determine the quality of this. However, not many are aware of these indicators. Some sellers scam consumers into buying inferior quality at a high price.

The following are some things you should know before you buy:

a. Stigma and style.

The purest quality is the one that contains just the stigma of the flower. Including the style of the flower is a common practice.

However, some sellers scam their buyers by adding other parts of the flower. Make sure the pack you buy contains nothing but the stigma and style of the flower.

b. Picrocrocin, Crocin, and Safranal levels.

Crocin, Safranal, and Picrocrocin determine the color, aroma, and flavor. The levels of these elements determine the quality or the grade.

The levels of these elements are tested in the laboratory. High levels of these elements are an indicator of better quality. Make sure you enquire about these elements before buying.

c. Grade

Grade 1 A+ Stigmas only. It is also known as 'All Red.'

Grade 2 A It includes the yellow-white style ends of the stigma along with the stigmas.

Grade 3 B It includes the entire style and the stigma, all attached.

This spice is an expensive one whose sale witnesses a lot of malpractices. You can make sure you buy the most authentic and exorbitant quality without being conned or scammed with this information.

Make sure you buy from a trusted seller. Please contact multiple sellers and enquire before buying.

Although costly, this spice has multiple uses. You can use it to make your dish fancy or add extra flavor to a boring glass of milk.

This remarkable spice is a globally acclaimed "must-have".