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Buy Original Bhimseni Kapoor - Desi Kapoor Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Camphor is burnt in a display of the lamp naturally formed in the stems of dryobalanops camphora (Modern herbal camphor,...

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Buy Original Bhimseni Kapoor - Desi Kapoor

Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Camphor is burnt in a display of the lamp naturally formed in the stems of dryobalanops camphora (Modern herbal camphor, Bhimseni Kapoor) Cinnamomum agasthyamalayanum in Indian language.

Bhimseni Kapoor

It does not leave any ash after burning.

Easy to burn long-lasting flame with a nice aroma and insect repellent fragrance.

Helps in respiratory-related disorder people with nice smell of desi Kapoor.

Bhimseni Kapoor or Camphor

Unlike synthetic camphor, it is a Pacha Kapoor, i.e., edible camphor. It is derived from the Cinnamomum Camphora, i.e., Kapoor tree.

It is Food grade can be consumed in limited quantities only. 

Infection and Insect natural repellent

Best Natural products help bring positive energy at home and remove negative energy if burnt daily to the deity. Apart from spiritual benefits, it helps in keeping insects away. 

Natural product Bhimseni camphor

We offer naturally made Bhimseni camphor.

A task force, led by our founder, dedicated two years researching and touring the nation to find farmers who use traditional and natural production techniques.

Easy to use

Bhimseni camphor is commonly used in making Ayurveda-based herbal medicines. In India, Bhimseni camphor is eaten in a ‘Paan.’


Bhimseni camphor has been an inseparable part of home remedies and Ayurveda-based herbal medicine for ages in our homes.

Bhimseni camphor helps relieve swelling, pain, toothache, and headaches.

It helps get rid of the fungus, precisely, nail fungus.

Bhimseni camphor is known to treat insomnia and skin rashes.

Traditionally, Bhimseni camphor has been used to counter head lice.

Bhimseni camphor helps manage pain and inflammation associated with eczema.

Gives freshness the whole day. Keep your fatigue away if put in water and taken a bath. It also helps keep infection away in current pandemics.

If put on Handkerchief helps in cold and cough.

Promotes hair growth and sleep if massage with coconut oil.


Desi Camphor is easily combustible and evaporates too soon. Therefore, storing Bhimseni camphor away from heat and sunlight in a cool, dry, airtight container is necessary.

Side Effects

Hypersensitivity to Bhimseni Kapur is a contraindication. If you feel Skin redness and irritation, then you should avoid it.
Kids with a history of fits (febrile convulsions) should avoid it.

Pregnancy and Lactation

There are no known harmful effects regarding the use of Bhimseni Kapoor during lactation or pregnancy. Always consult your doctor before use.

Other Names

Aarti Kapoor

Aarti natural Kapoor

Barus camphor

Bheemasenee Kapoor

Bhīmasēnī kapūra - ਭੀਮਸੇਨੀ ਕਪੂਰ in Punjabi

Bhimsen camphor

Bhimsen Kapoor

Bhimsen Kapur

Bhimseni camphor

Bhimseni Camphor

Bhimseni camphor Original

Bhimseni camphor pure

Bhimseni camphor pure original

Bhimseni Kapoor

Bhimseni Kapoor edible

Bhimseni Kapoor Original

Bhimseni Kapur

Bhimseni Kapura

Bhimseni natural insect repellent


Borneo camphor


Cinnamomum camphor

Cinnamomum camphora

Cinnamomum Kapoor

Desi camphor

Desi Kapoor

Desi Kapur

Dryobalanops camphora

Edible Kapoor

Grade A Desi Camphor

Isoborneol Flakes

Kapoor Tulsi


Karpoora Nirajanm


Malay camphor

Natural Bhimsenicamphor

Natural Camphor

Natural Kapoor

Original Camphor

Pacha Kapoor

Pacha Karpuram

Pachai Karpooram


Puja Kapoor

Sumatran camphor

Tulsi Kapoor

White natural Kapoor

औषधी कापूर

प्राकृतिक कपूर

भीमसेन कपूर

भीमसेनी कपूर

भीमसेनी कापूर

ಭೀಮಸೇಣಿ ಕಪೂರ್

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